Self Catering Stratford

Staycation Accommodation
For Families and Groups

A Place to Meet Up


One of the joys of this business is meeting such lovely people. By default, visitors are relaxed; they’re away from work; no worries about parking; they have the whole house to themselves, and most importantly they’re with people they love. I mean they’re with family and friends. This house seems to attract groups of friends, and families, having a get together.

Perhaps it’s because Stratford is centrally located; not too far from Birmingham airport; an easy route off the M40; same for the M5. Sometimes part of the group will arrive by train while the others drive.

Whatever the reason, there’s often a gathering or a reunion happening next door. And it’s lovely to witness old friends being back together again. To heck with the noise. Laughter is a wonderful sound.

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